In light of all the NFL domestic abuse troubles that have been coming to light, I though I would do my inaugural blog post on it.

Out of the many brands that were/are sponsors for NFL teams, and even individual players, some have dropper their sponsorships, and some are scolding the NFL Among the brands that letting the NFL know how they feel about what is currently happening is Raddison, Nike, Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo, Castrol, Campbell’s Soup, and even Visa.

In regards to Raddison, the brand has experienced mostly positive feedback, according to an AdWeek article. The general consensus on Twitter has been 62% positive, 26% neutral, and only 12% negative. Most people feel like Raddison dropping their sponsorship of Peterson was a good move, and as a result Raddison social branding has skyrocketed! Another brand to pull their sponsorship from Peterson is Nike. Mike has said that they do not condone any type of child abuse or domestic abuse. They have told the NFL about their concerns, and have suspended their contract with Peterson.

I personally feel like these brands are making smart decisions. Domestic violence has been something that has been hidden away for a long time, and will continue to do so until we all play a part in making it more unlikely to happen. I am proud that so many brands are playing a part in showing that domestic violence will not be tolerated. I feel like I am more likely to stay in a Raddison hotel. I already had respect for Anheuser-Busch after the emotionally moving ad that they created after 9/11, but did not air because they did not want to profit from that terrible tragedy. To see that they are now taking a stand again domestic violence, it makes the amount of respect I have for them as a company grow. Will it be difficult for the NFL with all these sponsors shaking things up? Absolutely. But it should still happen, especially if this is what gets the world talking about domestic violence.


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