30 Seconds of Fame

Advertisers spend large amounts of money every day to get a 30 second spot in between TV shows. The average price for a 30 second TV spot during prime time is around $112,100 according to tvb.com. But when you put the commercials on during a football game, the numbers get larger, very quickly. On average, during football games, advertisers spend around $627,300 during Sunday Night Football, which is an increase of about 6% from last years cost. If you run commercials on CBS’s Thursday Night Football, commercial time will run you around $483,333.

Why are the commercials so much more expensive during TV that is broadcast live? The simple answer is the viewers. So many TV shows are watched after the fact, because people have such busy lives. They come home later, and watch their favorite shows when it is convenient for them, not when the shows are aired. Advertisers know that during the football games, more people are turning in to watch them as they are played, so their is a higher chance if getting a commercial in front of a consumer that might be interested.

The other two shows that are costly to advertise during are CBS’s Big Bang theory, and AMC’s The Walking Dead; they come in at about $344,827 and $400,000 respectively. The one-hour season premier of Big Bang Theory was watched by a record average of 17.2 million people!

To me it shows that if your willing to pay more for the commercial spots, the viewers will be there. The smarter option for TV commercials would be to put them on during the live broadcast shows such as football games. Other good options for grabbing the attention of many people would be to run them during shows that have a lot of viewers.



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