The Motor City is in the Rearview

So Cadillac has decided to leave the Motor City behind. The Detroit based brand announced it’s decision just a day after appointing a new Vice President. The move was decided on because they want to move their brand to the epicenter of sophisticated living, SoHo, and so that they can better compete with other luxury brands such as Mercedes, BMW, and Jaguar.

In addition to creating a global headquarters in SoHo, they also want to establish the Cadillac brand as a separate business unit with in the company. The reasoning behind this is they want re-establish the brand into a preeminent position among other global luxury brands.

I feel like this is a good move for Cadillac! Most of the staff and production lines will stay in Detroit, so the move won’t affect the city too harshly. The move, though, will help Cadillac touch back down with the other luxury brands in the world. New York is a good city to use as a jumping off point into the global market because so many business people come and go every day.

As far as re-establishing the brand as a separate entity? I’m all for that as well. Seeing as Cadillac is the major luxury brand that GM owns, it is a smart move to make it stand out from the other regular brands they have. They want Cadillac to be able to compete with other luxury brands, and by setting it apart from the other brands and showing it as a premium brand, it will be better able to compete in that market.

Am I a little sad that Cadillac is moving to New York? Yes, because I know how important each and every company is to Detroit right now. Do I think it’s a smart move for Cadillac as a company though? Absolutely. I think it will be the move that will finally put them back into a market that they have the potential to do well in.

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